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SANDWICHES   served with your choice of one side:   fries...cole slaw...potato salad...potato chips   ...side salad...   FRIED FISH SANDWICH   2 pieces of tilapia, lightly breaded & deed fried.   served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion.   Served on a toasted kaise r roll with homemade tarter sauce 6.75   REUBEN   thin sliced corned beef, 2 slices of real swiss cheese,   sauer kraut and 1000 island dressing.   served on grilled rye bread   ONE OF THE BEST IN TOWN ! 5.75   HOT HAM AND CHEESE   a pile of thin sliced virginia ham top ped with   2 slices of american cheese.   served on grilled texas toast. 5.25   FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH   a boneless skinless chicken breast, double dipped in our secret breading,   and fried to a golden brown.   served on a toasted kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, on ion. 5.75   PHILLY STEAK   thin sliced philly steak mixed with sauted green peppers,   sauted onions and provelone cheese.   stuffed in a warm hoagie roll. 5.75   GRILLED CHICKEN CLUB   a marinated chicken breast, charbroiled to perfection.   topped with 2 slices of app lewood bacon and   2 slices of real swsis cheese.   with lettuce, tomato, onion and a side of mayo   served on a toased kaiser roll 7.25   CAROLINA BBQ SANDWICH   a mound of traditional chopped carolina BBQ with that hint of vinegar,   and a side of homemade cole slaw   to top it off.   served on a toasted kaiser roll. 5.25   CLASSIC BLT   loads of applewood smoked bacon, crisp lettuce and sliced tomatoes.   served on toasted texas toast and a side of mayo 6.25   consumer advisory: consumption of undercooked meat, poulrty, eggs or   seafood may increase the risk of  foodborne illnesses Previous Page